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Los Angeles California USA the best discounted call centre services for individuals and Businesses utilizing budget call centre services in the United States.

Budget call centre offers individuals and business affordable answering services and call center assisted services that will meet any budget.

Example you are a small business, single operator, web store, person and you need help but cant afford a secretary full time or office thats were we shine we champion you for the first month we will only charge you $3.95 per hour we will answer the calls in a professional manner and forward the message to you.

Answer calls and forward your messages to you     $4.95
Answer and manage your emails     $4.95
Answer or manage your online chat     $4.95
Answer chat /emails and update online shop     $6.95
Answer calls forward messages manage emails     $9.95
Answer calls make out bound calls manage emails     $12.95
Answer and make calls forward messages check emails and respond handle chat and or online web     $18.95
We can design a plan just for you tell us let us know

The total cost per hour is $3.95 ( 8 hr min shift applies) that’s it no more to pay zip zilch zero nothing for that service just hourly with a minimum of 8 hour shift.

Answer calls and forward your messages to you $3.95 per hour

Answer your emails and reply its $4.95 per hour

Answer or manage your online chat its $4.95 per hour

Answer text or emails and update your online shop its $6.95 per hour

If you need us to call people on your  behalf on landlines or Mobiles anywhere in the USA its $11.95 per hour.

If you require us to


If you require us to provide a local phone number for your clients to call in to us its only $20 per month including all our out bound calls to your clients thats it    exclusive use and so you dont have redirect charges or any other

rIf you require us to seo your web site and seo links update change  4s  very simple, polite services and you dont miss that important new job for the caller or the important   and all for $3.95 per hour thats it no more to pay. Why so low are you english speaking are you goint to answer my calls whats the catch ? There isnt a catch we operate from Australia New Zealand Malaysia and all speak perfect English just like you.


and es  us ys a in Australia, it offers a divers geographical and cultural divers peoples who rely on answering services in Australia. We are able to provide virtual receptionists here for a fraction of the normal retail price. Lower costs associated to the operation of a call centre facility and is more and more affordable to the general public and business in Sydney. Call centres in Sydney City are able to offer 3 servers placed throughout the city to allow for power outages and Generator failure this never happens but should it ever we are covered. In saying that we don’t leave security of operations to chance as we also host your software and CRM interface in cloud formations off shore to protect you and your business. Sydney call centre direct is also hosted in Auckland answering services New Zealand now Singapore Seagate Hosting and Manila Budget Call Centre if Australia went down we are still live as we would auto switch to the nearest server and continue with service as usual. Call centre operations also allow us to switch call centre locations and countries as required should the need ever arise. We also can switch in between countries should the need ever arise.

Sydney call centre offers more for you dollar drives it further and with move security and comfort to our clients at substantially reduced rates.

Bigger Better budget call centre direct offers the chance to build business in Melbourne and also in Sydney Brisbane and overseas using our call centre facilities to on market sell and deliver your products and services to anywhere in the world.


call us today 03 9005 6896

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