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Matt Tommey
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191 Lyman Street #160,
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
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Since mid-1990's Matt Tommey's been creating art baskets for clients all over the world and has crafted a name of his own in the industry. Matt is a world class fireplace mantel artist, who can design unique sculptural pieces for your home.


One of the things I hear from my clients over and over is how much they enjoy having pieces in their home that are one-of-a-kind and truly special.  Maybe it's the walk in the woods we did together to harvest local materials from their property, knowing they had a hand in designing their special piece or simply knowing that each piece I create is unique.  Either way, having my sculptural art baskets in your home adds to the already special aesthetic you've worked so hard to create.


Beautiful interior design is all about the details. It's about the nuances of a room, the little surprises that meet you around every turn and how they all work together to support the overall design of a space. Using handcrafted, sculptural art baskets can accentuate the rustic elegance of your mountain or lake house while bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

My sculptural art baskets aren't functional containers to hold your magazines. They go way beyond that.  My creations push the lines between form and function, beauty and purpose. In fact, the purpose is the beauty.  The beauty of a finely crafted sculptural basket or setting of multiple baskets nestled within laurel branches is unmatched by anything manmade. Rather, these baskets are more uncovered and assembled than simply created.  The come to life in your home and bring the essence of the natural world inside. When they live with you, they bring the serenity of nature into your world. With them, life is good.


Contact Matt today to see his creativity in action.

Matt Tommey
191 Lyman Street #160 Asheville, NC 28801 - River Arts District. 
(404) 538-5173

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