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Leviton’s automation systems are UL-listed for maximum reliability and safety. Leviton is perfect for controlling and scheduling physical devices such as Garage Doors, Gates, Fireplaces, Thermostats, Lights, Door Locks and more. Advanced security features such as multiple secure areas, silent panic alarms,  and other Fort-Knox grade security features are at your fingertips. It’s smartphone and tablet compatible, so you can control all your devices from your Android and Apple devices.

Package Highlights

  • Complete Security System
  • Lighting Control
  • Climate Control
  • Water Detection & Shutoff
  • Garage Door Control
  • Irrigation Control

*Package can (and should) be customized for your specific needs.

What can this system do for you?


System Benefits
We use Leviton because it’s a rock-solid system.  Their panels are a security system first and an automation system second.  With Leviton, you can leverage all of the information from your security sensors to make your home as efficient as possible. Unlike some consumer focused HVAC systems (such as Nest), Leviton knows with 100% certainty if you are out of the house, and can activate efficiency programming with that information. Some of our most popular programming features include:

  • Turning on all lights in the home when a smoke, gas, or burglary alarm is triggered.
  • Turning on a hallway light when the motion detector trips.
  • Turning off HVAC if a window is left open for more than 10 minutes.
  • Automatically closing the garage doors 5 minutes after you leave the house.
  • Automatically turn off all lights and adjust HVAC for maximum efficiency after you leave the house.
  • And so much more…

With Leviton Automation, you can easily schedule daily tasks such as arming/disarming the security system, turning on lights, starting the coffee machine, turning on irrigation systems and more.


Every automation system we sell comes with our lifetime programming and support guarantee. You’ll always get the latest firmware updates free of charge, and we never charge for system updates. Feel free to tweak the system to your continually changing lifestyle with constant support from our dedicated team.


Your Leviton Automation system is based on a security board. All remote communications are fully encrypted and it can accept a wide variety of security sensors. This lets us design the perfect security system for your home.




Included in package price
Everything arrives at your home pre-programmed and ready to go. Simply plug in devices, connect wires, and power up the system.


We Install

$8,350 for most locations/homes
Our trained installers arrive at your home and install your system. We work with you and your builder to schedule our work so we do not slow down construction. 


Hybrid - We do some of the work

Trip fee + $850/day
If you (or someone you know) wants to pull the wire we are happy to come out at the end the job to connect the electronics and train you on the system. 

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