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414 Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11221, US,
Brooklyn, New York 11221
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Cracked iPhone screen? Dying iPhone battery? iPhone Doc NYC can make it right.

iPhone Doc NYC have helped thousands of New Yorkers restore their beloved iPhones to like-new condition. Most repairs take less than 15 minutes and can be done while you wait!

We specialize in repairing iPhones and our technicians are specially trained and use only High quality parts ensuring your iPhone repair is done properly.

Our techs are trained and experienced in all types of iPhone repair Brooklyn including:


Screen repair

Battery replacement

And many more.


Our experienced and highly trained technicians carefully troubleshoot and repair your device - normally while you wait. And we use only high-quality parts - just like the manufacturer installed - ensuring a high-quality repair that lasts the life of your device.



Iphone Doc NYC, 414 Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11221, United States

Phone - 9739968083

Email - iphonedrnyc@gmail.com

Visit https://www.iphonedocnyc.com/ for more details.

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