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A defective product is one that is poorly designed or manufactured and that injures a person who uses it in the manner in which it was intended. It is important to note that defective products cause injury and harm to people even when they are used properly.

Demas Law Group can help you recover damages if you have been the victim of a defective product in Sacramento.


There are three types of Sacramento product defect cases:


Defective Design

A case based on defective design claims that the product was designed incorrectly or without attention to safety. An example could be an appliance that is not designed with the proper safety shut-offs to avoid electrocution if exposed to water.


Defective Manufacturing

A case based on defective manufacturing claims that the product was originally designed correctly but was manufactured or fabricated incorrectly, leading to injury. An example of defective manufacturing might be if a power tool was incorrectly assembled and later caused an injury in someone using it.


Defective Advertising

Defective advertising cases include those in which the manufacturer fails to inform the public of danger in using the product or falsely represents the product’s characteristics. Many defective drug cases are based on advertising issues and failure to warn the public about the risks associated with the drug.

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