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Http:// Shaktipat (energy transferred) sessions that deliver guru level expertise to clients and recipients in custom developed spiritual services called Activations. In example, Malina's Psychic Abilities Activations deliver 7 of 14 transferrable psychic abilities to clients. Malina's Guided Spiritual Journeys deliver clients to different planes and connects them in as close to a face to face encounter with higher beings, and this is very interactive, very touching and personal, and very enlightening about the recipient's own path. Malina's Chakra Balance/Cleanse Activated Healing session prepares the 7 main energy centers within the body for more spiritual-centered activities. The Activation of 6 Additional Higher Chakras opens the Spiritual path up like walking on a stepping stone, as new progress is obtained. That last stone disappears, and the next step appears. It simply occurs to the recipient, as progress is made. Mo's Ascension Activation does much the same. Your entire Spiritual Ascension path occurs to you, one step at a time, as you make progress along it. This process can take lifetime upon lifetime without these Activations. Kundalini Activation is a one-session release of stored psychic energy that lies in wait until a certain level or degree of soul progress is obtained. It's ONE of several steps of increased enlightenment along the Soul's Journey. The Activation of Nirvana is yet another activatable step of increased enlightenment. All of these and more are delivered to clients in Malina's custom delivered sessions.
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