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Ingic is a full service agency that takes time to understand your business and create a strategy to accomplish your commercial objectives. By working in partnership we can help you accelerate growth online and increase your returns.

Ingic is at forefront of helping you create an ideal brand. Ingic has been serving its customers all around the globe and it's able to maintain its reputation of efficiency and integrity by studying cultural insights and using latest technologies.

Logo Design

A good logo design is always recognized among millions. Our logo designs help you in creating a unique perception of your company in customer's mind.

Professionals at Ingic understand that logo is not just a symbol, but it represents the aims and missions of the company, as it is the basis on which corporate identity of the business is linked and has the capability to create or destroy the brand image.

We have designed logos for start-ups to well-established companies for their new brands and products. Our teamworks with the philosophy of creating attractive logos, which create a positive perception of your brand.Our team studies your business and create a logo which is a true representation of your company's nature of work and its achievements.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual persona of your company. We create solutions for visual identity that speak to their audience by articulating authenticity in tone and style.

Brand identity is all about the look, feel and visual elements of your product, so it must state what you want your brand to be. Your Corporate Brand Identity should be uniquely tailored to your positioning and must be conveyed across all communication channels and stamp all your marketing collaterals.

We help our clients to create their brand's identification by conveying their desired message through different mediums to their target market.

Website Design

A web design is created to express your business services. We expand your business by expressing your key services to your customers through an appealing web design.

Website is the perfect platform to create a dependable, positive image that automatically comes to mind when people think of your business. Ingic helps you by creating a website that not only looks great but also meets the need of both you and your targeted audience.

We understand the requirements of your business and empower your brand by creating a website that engages the users and increases the traffic on your website. Our team of highly experienced professionals creates web designs that leave a positive impression in your customer's mind.

Animated Videos

We love telling stories through stunning animations. Our animated videos communicate your stories to your audience in a fun, emotional and eye-catching way.

Using animated product videos for your product is one of the best and most effective ways to get noticed. New products are being launched by new companies in the market every day, the known and established names have already been there for a while with their own amazing ways to lure their customers.

  • 3D animated product demo
  • Product assembly instructions
  • Product maintenance guide
  • "How does it work" demo
  • Software demo


Print & Publishing

Our digital capabilities are complimented by our print design services. Our unique and creative print designs refresh the image of your business in your audience's mind.

Quality matters. Especially when making a first impression. We make sure your work looks and feels its best - using papers from the best suppliers and offering a choice of uncoated, gloss, matte, and soft touch finishing options.

Show off your best work with print promos that get noticed. Our top-notch printing services can help. Show a little or a lot - choose the layout you want and leave the rest to us.


We help brands to connect concept with understanding through visual communications uniquely crafted to captive and educate change.

The biggest challenge for any marketer today is to make his work get noticed amongst the piles of content on the internet. Our team of infographic designers use the right conjunction of infographic tools that include diagrams, images, icons and other visual elements to engage and involve your audience.

Using their expertise, infographic creators present complex information quickly, clearly and most importantly creatively. Creating easy to digest content and fun to share infographics is where we come in. Infographics can increase the willingness to read and give your business the start to something big that has the potential to create waves or as we say in the digital world, go viral.

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