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Pinnacle offers end-to-end BIM services, allowing clients to get complete control of construction projects. Our BIM engineers work with 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D BIM to facilitate project coordination, collaboration, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic planning and cost estimate. We have successfully executed 4000+ BIM projects for our clients in USA, Asia, Europe and Australia.


Our core BIM expertise lies in 3D Modeling & Visualization, Site Logistics, Clash Coordination, Bill of Materials (BOQ), Shop Drawings, Digital Prefabrication, Fabrication/Spool Drawings, Marketing BIM Presentation, 3D Model Conversion from Laser Scan/Point Cloud Data, Facilities Management, Construction Documentation, 4D Construction Simulation and Revit Family Content Generation.


Since BIM is gaining popularity, Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Design Firms, General Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Fire-Protection Contractors, Drywall Contractors, Home Builders, Retailers, Developers and Construction Companies are adopting this technology to a great extent. In this regard, Pinnacle has emerged as one of the leading BIM service providers in the globe.


We work on all major software applications like Revit Software Suite (Revit MEP, Revit Architecture & Revit Structure), Microstation, Bentley, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, Ecotect Analysis, NavisWorks, Inventor, Civil 3D, Plant Design Suite, Pro/Engineer, Tekla Structure, SolidWorks, Autodesk Fabrication Suite, Quickpen, Point Cloud, Cadpipe, A-360 Collaboration, Autodesk BIM 360 Glue, SketchUp, ETAP, Lux Level Calculation, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bluebeam and Newforma.


We use Level of Detailing (LOD) 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 as per international codes to create detailed models. We have earned 1000+ satisfied clients all over the world through BIM services and garner long term association with them. For quotation or any other BIM info, contact




Pinnacle’s 3D modeling allows architectural firms to review design elements with respect to other building systems and services on any project. Our BIM and 3D visualization allow stakeholders involved in the construction process to share project image effectively and identify errors and inconsistencies in the early stages of construction. We specialize in the virtual construction of 3D BIM models, using a wide array of inputs including design contents, contract drawings, specification sheets and hand sketches. Our team produces the model after resolving all construction issues, generates RFIs and finally consults with architects and other project consultants. We use Autodesk 3D rendering & Design Visualization software to bring life to our BIM models. Starting from the abstract to photo realistic visualization, our 3D visualization ensures a design vision, before the beginning of the construction project. We are leveraging 3Ds Max and Revit to make our BIM models meet the exact business requirement of our clients with professional graded animation, rendering, modeling and texturing.



Our trained professionals provide end-to-end solutions to clients all across the globe. Equipped with the latest BIM software like AutoDesk, Revit, Navisworks, Microstation, CAD-Duct and CADPIPE, our team offers a fast turnaround of deliverables. Our pre-construction site logistics include a visual representation of comprehensive planning and implementation services for our clients. Starting from the project conception stage, we offer a dedicated planning and estimation. We make a careful project evaluation for offering customized logistic solution and have gathered our expertise by working with the main contractors and sub-contractors.
Our logistic solutions ensure a safe and efficient work environment for all site workers. We submit site logistics plans to the master developers before the beginning of actual construction and site establishment. Our plan details the access to the site & plot, lay-down & loading area, hoisting area, crane placement area, bus pick-up & canteen area, security gates & concrete pump areas, truck discharge location and several other information, that get submitted to our clients for approval.



We generate coordinated models using BIM and allow our clients to check possible interference among all building systems. Our 3D models help the construction companies to visualize schematic structures before the beginning of construction and thus can offer better project planning for our clients. We detect clashes for eliminating major system conflicts before installation.


  • Project Coordination
  • Field Conflict Resolution
  • Reduced RFIs
  • Construction Visualization
  • Increased Output
  • Construction Cost Savings
  • Decreased Construction Time
  • Increased Onsite Productivity
  • Accurate As Built Drawings



Our coordinated BIM models allow our clients to check possible interference among all building systems. They help the construction companies to visualize schematic structures before the beginning of construction, leading to better project planning. This eliminates rework during the construction phase, saving time and money. We resolve clashes among all trades including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, concrete and several other trades by sharing 3D clash snapshot or through WebEx meetings. We re-route utilities, change elevation and re-size elements for resolving clashes. Moreover, we provide Value Engineering for improving system efficiency, reducing costs and easier maintenance of construction. Our coordinated models are used for making quantity takeoffs, estimation and location scheduling. We make comprehensive clash detection and our models produce accurate quantities in shorter schedule. Opt for our clash coordination service and make an integrated approach to clash detection.


We produce accurate quantities of all materials through BIM and they are automatically updated in the BIM Model. Our Quantity Take-off reports are formatted in Excel and exported to a database for detailed analysis. Our Quantities are generated for a specific time period or project area either in 4D or 5D for managing material procurement and saving inventory costs.


Structural Elements – Concrete, Steel, Rebar, CMU Walls, etc
Architectural Elements – Block Work, Ceiling, Doors & Windows, Railings, Finishes, etc
MEP Elements – Ducts, Pipes & Fittings, Accessories, Equipment, Cable Trays, Hangers, etc


Our Shop /Installation drawings facilitate workshop fabrication and on-site installation and are generated automatically from the HVAC models. We create Shop Drawings in accordance with the project standards and help the contractors, suppliers, fabricators and manufacturers during construction. Our Shop Drawings include Penetration Drawings, Sleeve Drawings, Insert Layout Drawings and Spool Drawings. We produce the exact sleeves, penetration & hanger locations from our BIM models and the drawings can be downloaded directly into GPS instruments on site for making fast & accurate layout. Our shop drawings include all information for the engineers and architects as per the approved submittals, design drawings and other specifications.

MEP Shop Drawing: We produce MEP Shop drawing from single to double line diagram, specifying elevation and dimension. Our coordination drawings are prepared with color code for easy removal of clashes. We create sheet metal or fabrication drawings for duct fabricator and contractors as per SMACNA standards.

HVAC Shop Drawings: We make duct shop drawings according to SMACNA standards with essential linings and insulation thickness. We ensure coordination between other mechanical piping and sprinklers, considering the beam height and drop ceiling levels. Moreover, we prepare sheet metal drafting as per sheet metal standards and make duct fabrication detail drawings.

Piping Shop drawings: We create mechanical piping shop drawings in accordance with contract drawings and revise them as per site survey notes. We ensure coordination between other services like gravity pipes and sprinkler pipes, while preparing shop drawings and redirect the drawings as per drop ceiling levels and beam height to avoid clashes. We place pipe trims in exact location as per submittal.



Pinnacle provides Digital Prefabrication and helps clients get real-time examination of every system, making up the final project. We produce fabrication drawings from the BIM model for accurate off-site/on-site pre-fabrication. Our segmented spool drawings and spool maps are generated as per the standards and preferences of our contractors. Our digital pre-fabrication helps our clients to improve quality, handle materials and reduce cost significantly. Moreover, by combining prefabrication with BIM, the prefabricators can partake in the design process from the beginning of the project and thus can save time. Our BIM models help to avail all prefabricated components in digital format to be used in the design, offsite construction and maintenance processes. The core database of BIM coordinates different agents involved in the process like the engineers, architects, designers and suppliers. We include all geometric info about the various parts of the buildings and introduce cost, resistance and thermal values. Our design coordination and walk-through animation cater the diverse sectors involved in the construction development.



We generate Fabrication drawings from the BIM Model for accurate on-site and off-site pre-fabrication. Our segmented spool drawings and a spool map with segment locations are generated as per the pre-fabricating standards and preferences of our contractors. Pre-fabrication helps our contractors to improve quality, handle materials and reduce construction cost.



Pinnacle helps clients secure bids by creating Marketing Presentations of high quality 3D rendered images, 4D Phasing, Site Logistics and Walkthrough Animations. We use BIM in an innovative way to present an effective and accurate representation of project and help our clients win competitive bids. Our rendered images include realistic textures with shadows and artificial lighting. We include construction phasing and photo-realistic walkthroughs in animation presentations, revealing any angle of the constructed space to our clients.
Our 3D Walkthroughs are realistic, artistic, affordable and customized and offer our clients a feeling of actual moving through the interiors and exteriors of a building. This not only offers an idea of the project to our clients but help them navigate the construction on their own terms. Our 3D Walkthrough makes a winning situation for the designers, homeowners, buyers, contractors and the investors, by letting them experience a realistic feel of the building size and layout. Opt for our 3D walkthrough service and bring your property to life!

Our 3D Visualization Stages:

  • Establishing requirement after discussion
  • Information Issue
  • Optimization of BIM Model
  • 3D Visualization & Material Drafting
  • Final production of materials
  • Our BIM 3D Visualization Deliverables:
  • 3D Exterior Rendering
  • CGI Interior Design
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Photomontages
  • 3D Walkthroughs
  • We work with the following data:
  • 2D Cad Drawings
  • Revit Models up to 2015
  • Laser Scanned Point Cloud Data
  • 3rd Party Software used by BIM (IFC, FBX, etc)




Pinnacle is the most preferred option for point cloud to BIM services for renovating construction. It has executed several projects for point cloud to BIM for its international clients. Our expertise in laser scanning and data processing help us deliver high-quality services to clients. Since, our BIM professionals have profound knowledge of BIM software like Revit, we can deliver point cloud data to the major construction companies, builders & contractors of the world. We usher a scanning utilization for the construction industry with BIM and our scanning technology is applied to the existing structure and new construction. This helps in integrating BIM cycle and offers a clear value addition for BIM workflow. We capture detailed info about an element in its physical space and allow precise and accurate data usage for 3D coordination, prefabrication and leveraging quantity for estimate and scheduling.

Our 3D scanning is a non-destructive technology, aimed at capturing the exact size and shape of physical objects digitally, using laser light. 3D scanners help us create highly accurate ‘point clouds’ of data from the surface of an object. We scan the whole building or in parts, based on the requirement of the project. Our 3D scanning helps the different stages of construction like 3D model creation, visualization, animation, rendering and quality inspection. We avail Point Cloud to BIM services for various architectural elements like doors, windows, walls, floors, ceiling, beams, columns, bolts, trusses, roof details, connections, pipes, heating-cooling, ducts and other equipment.


  • Tracing & Renovation of Structure
  • 3D Modeling for Architectural, Structural and MEP services
  • Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet for Architectural, Structural & MEP
  • Quantity Take-off for Architectural, Structural & MEP services
  • Construction Scheduling using 4D BIM
  • Cost Estimation using 5D BIM
  • Sustainability Optimization using 6D BIM
  • Facility Management using 7D BIM




Pinnacle integrates BIM model with the facility management system and automates the preventive maintenance program. BIM helps us to connect an existing software package for supplementing data and ensuring robust maintenance. We improve space management through BIM and show facility managers how to make effective space utilization quickly and visually. Moreover, we make building analysis pertaining to sustainability initiatives, like LEED-EBOM. Our BIM model gets continuously updated in association with green goals and acts as a one-stop for identifying, handling and improving new credits for LEED-EBOM recertification. In addition, we streamline change management through BIM and help the facility managers in making effective space configuration. We also help our clients to identify conflicts with the change of purpose or space requirement. Furthermore, we create software packages for the facility managers and allow our BIM model to connect with building’s automation system, facilitating information management and system efficiency.


Pinnacle’s construction management system helps its clients to perfect their plans. Our document management tools in BIM help us manage the flow of information between the project participants, securely and efficiently. We facilitate collaboration, information sharing and reporting through BIM, track all project information through it and store them in an electronic content management system. We also burn the documents and manuals to a portable media format and hand it over to our clients, thus smoothing out the handover process and making the manuals more accessible for future use.

We use BIM 360™ Field construction management software and combine mobile technologies with cloud collaboration for on-site construction management. This helps the construction professionals to manage various field processes like the quality, safety, commissioning checklist, plan distribution & drawings. Our BIM 3D model informs and communicates project decisions effectively, thus improving the quality of the construction project by reducing rework, promoting safety and improving commissioning & handover process.



  • Field workflow management
  • Workflow enhancement with BIM
  • Site performance management
  • Project quality assurance & control
  • Contractor risk minimization
  • Improved construction quality
  • Reduced expensive rework
  • Automatic trade work distribution
  • Site issue management on iPad
  • Visualization of current project status




4D is an extension of 3D with the time included in addition to the other three dimensions. Our 4d simulation helps all the project participants including the architects, contractors, designers and the owners to visualize the whole series of construction events and understand the progress of construction activities throughout the lifetime of the project. We link the project construction sequencing or the schedule to our BIM model and show the real time simulation of construction sequence in an animated video. Our clients can compare the planned and the actual construction schedule throughout the project life cycle, based on our 4D presentation. They can explore 4D simulation for supporting construction planning and can assess the impact of proposed design on construction schedule and work process.

We use Autodesk® Revit platform and Autodesk Navisworks® Manage to create a workflow for enabling project teams to plan construction operations effectively by identifying potential problems and evaluating alternatives. Using our BIM models, construction planners are able to simulate construction activities in their planned sequence, detect clash and interference problems, improve construction schedules, track materials and can also manage supply chain. Our 4D phasing acts as a powerful communication tool between our project team and clients, resulting in better understanding of project milestones and improved construction plans. Delays and construction rework are minimized as our project managers can carefully plan and coordinate construction operations down to the last detail both in time and space through 4D Phasing. All the design elements are collaborated onscreen in 4D and thus our construction team can improve accuracy in construction sequencing.


  • Powerful Visualization of Construction Process
  • Improved Construction Planning & Management
  • Effective Bidding Presentation
  • Streamlined Construction Productivity
  • Reduced Cost & Error in Construction
  • Competent Execution of Construction Process
  • Efficient Logistics Management
  • Effective Building Site Space Utilization
  • Problem Forecast before the start of Construction
  • Better Understanding of Project Milestones
  • Planning Phase Occupancy in Renovation
  • Resolving Space Conflicts
  • Effective Project & Risk Management
  • Coordinating Detailed Construction Operations
  • Monitoring Plan & Tracking the Actual Progress




If components are over designed they can slow down your PC performance, project performance and project productivity. Conversely, if they are under designed they don’t provide the functions you need. Pinnacle helps you find the right balance between practicality and functionality and is ready to deliver a range of high quality Revit components for a fraction of modeling price.

We provide a high quality modeling and ensure that your Revit components are built intelligently with the practicality to serve the purpose. Our parametric families contain real world product information or performance models, necessary for running calculation analysis and simulations. The software includes a large library of objects that can be modified in a number of ways. Revit uses parametric to control objects through formulas and input and evaluates our client’s products competently before modeling.

Revit enables our architects and designers to communicate design objective and analyze the building performance and cost beforehand. It helps our architects to easily capture and evaluate designs and accurately maintain coordinated data through documentation and construction process. Since, Revit Families are made in advance and are precision engineered reusable objects, assembled with related parameters and graphical representations, they can be easily organized into the same group. They help our clients to search for custom or manufacturer specific content. We are able to meet our customer need by adopting Revit platform. Revit families not only contain physical product representations but also include specific identity and engineering data, crucial to project.

Groups of People benefitting from Revit Content:

Since Revit is the building block of BIM Model, a number of people within the BIM lifecycle are getting benefited from our Revit Content. This intelligent 3D representation of the virtual world incorporates the geometry and technical details of the product and empowers our Architects & Engineers, Builders &Contractors and Facility Managers & Owners.

Architects & Engineers: Revit Content helps our Architects to deliver best performance by making virtual representation of building products. Starting from the Conceptual Design to Construction Documentation, our architects come to know about the individual product specifications of the building like the color, tolerance, cost, MEP details and other info and thus can make informed decisions. Our Engineers use the Revit Model containing a wide array of building product information and can easily analyze and interrogate within Revit and third party software.

Builders & Contractors: Builders and Contractors can access our Revit Model & Construction Documentation and can easily arrange the individual building products to form the construction. Since the model contains all the relevant information, crucial information about technical specification, product manufacturer and product installation can be easily extracted from it.

Facility Managers & Building Owners: Revit Content also empowers the Facility Managers and the Building Owners by offering an exact virtual representation of the building, once the construction gets over. The building owners and the facility managers can integrate Revit Model into their existing Facility Management software and can get reduced cost in operation, management and space planning.


Revit Families Components

Building Information Modeling is not just about making a 3D structure of a building. The model is just a cage without Revit. Insertion of Revit Family components gives a fresh lease of life to the cage. Revit Family includes myriads of things starting from the doors, windows, stairs and railings to components like, chairs, cabinets, drawers, clocks, desk and lots more. Proper placement of different Revit Family components makes a great impact on the entire look of the construction. In hospitals, Revit Family models become even more significant, where the modeling is mostly done in operation theaters.


  • Fixture & Furniture
  • Cabinet and Drawer
  • Chairs & Seats
  • Doors & Windows
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Mechanical Families
  • Mechanical Equipments
  • Stairs & Railing
  • Care Cart and Desk
  • Caseworks, Sheets & Watches
  • Interior Decoration Accessories
  • Pipe Fittings & Accessories
  • Electrical/Mechanical Fixtures
  • Structural Components (Column, Beam, etc)
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