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Tight budget, accelerated schedule and new technologies have changed the construction delivery system. Drywall contractors have started utilizing the full potential of Building Information Modeling for minimizing delays and reducing costs. Pinnacle offers drywall contractors modeling with constructability review, clash coordination, shop drawings, quantity take-off and virtual mockups. Our industry experts automate metal stud placement and eliminate the laborious process of manual placement of metal studs. We are conversant with all prevalent international software applications like Autodesk Revit.



3D BIM Modeling with Constructability Review

3D Drywall Modeling using virtual mockups helps to test the designs and ideas before the creation of expensive live mockups. Pinnacle analyzes clashes in Navisworks for providing better constructability review, thus enhancing quality assurance and quality control. We produce prefabricated walls in virtual world and transfer the virtual mockup into live fabrication. The framing model for coordination assists the drywall contractors in saving space for corner, critical and king studs around large openings and doors. Critical studs & MEP penetrations are often placed in the model and coordinated with the system for producing plans, sections & elevation drawings specific to the project.



  • Faster creation of virtual mockups in cost-effective manner
  • Efficient design creation through modeling coordination
  • Resolving potential request for information (RFIs) during preconstruction
  • Anticipation of field conditions before the erection of steel
  • Quick estimation and quantity takeoff
  • Building maintenance and future renovation through as-built model


We are capable of producing 3D Models for the following:

  • Full-scale code compliant metal stud framing layout from basic walls to detailed curved soffit
  • Drywall installation and finishing for interior, exterior, shaft walls & ceiling soffit
  • Acoustical ceilings & wall treatment with specialty metal ceiling, wood & wood-veneer
  • Acoustical wall panel installation, stretch wall & ceiling systems
  • Security ceilings, canopy and cloud ceilings
  • Interior & exterior painting, staining, wall covering & faux finishing
  • Drywall finishing from fire taping to Level 5
  • Decorative and exterior waterproof coatings
  • Sophisticated exterior wall design & installation of exterior light gauge framing/sheathing
  • Plastering from historical renovations to high rise constructions
  • Interior Venetian & Custom Veneer Plastering
  • Plaster Restoration for castings of wall painting, moldings and corbels
  • Sound absorbing & environmentally friendly plaster system
  • Doors, frames, hardware & rough carpentry
  • Strut for over-head supports and MEP utility racks


Design Validation/Design Assistance

Pinnacle assists in making the designs of the mechanical ducts and framing by removing unnecessary offsets. The framing model provides the base for every room layout. Our BIM engineers gets involved with the projects of the drywall contractors at an early stage for providing constructability reviews, validating the correctness of the model and influencing the design process. Pinnacle proactively solves the problem during the coordination phase by identifying hundreds of unfavorable design situations. Our team develops a feedback loop project wise using Bentley, BIM tools and Microsoft Excel with screenshots for every comment. The design team gets the opportunity to review Pinnacle’s input and incorporate comments before issuing the permit set.


Clash Coordination

Coordination with overhead shaft-bottoms, legovers, kickers, soffits and backing makes the model more comprehensive. Consequently, spatial and visual cues are obtained for indicating potential conflicts. This provides the project team a clear picture of the desired field construction and the team can decide what would make the project most efficient for instance the placement of built-up headers or the re-route of MEP systems. BIM resolves clashes and makes it possible to see and plan whether it’s the legovers or med gas valve boxes that would work in a given wall. When all potential ‘hiccups’ get eliminated before construction, the production becomes smoother, resulting in increased production rates. Pinnacle’s 3D BIM modeling removes stud or MEP conflicts and thus reduces RFIs. Modeling of king studs and clashing against ductwork and piping leads to fewer framing oddities during construction.


Coordination Drawings

Actual stud sizing and orientations at odd conditions are modeled and coordinated by Pinnacle’s team during the coordination phase. This assists the framers later in estimating material quantities and making quicker installation. The level of detail provided in the BIM model helps to generate layout system with unnecessary offsets for studs. Pinnacle produces various 2D drawings from drywall modeling that contain bill of materials, relevant dimensions as well as assembly data. These drawings remove the guesswork of placing opening & full-height framing members.


Pinnacle produces the following drawings for drywall contractors:

  • Color-coded members to differentiate priority walls, posts, opening framing & other members
  • Dimensions relevant to framing placement
  • Configuration of full-height walls at doors, handrails & corners
  • Mechanical systems in conflict with walls
  • Details of bracing rated lid & partial height walls to nearby walls
  • Wall drawings with elevations, type identifiers and lateral dimensions for backing plates & openings


Model Based Quantity Take-off & Estimation

Pinnacle’s drywall modeling helps to extract accurate quantities of walls, built-up headers and shaft bottoms from the model for ensuring comprehensive estimate. The contractors get an accurate take off of materials per floor and the field crews know where to post the correct orientation of the materials from the drawings.

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