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Luvida Memory Care has built its foundation on the mission to assist and enrich lives through every stage of senior life. Memory Care was formed to help those that are affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia and to provide that extra helping hand that can make a difference. All of our care attendants are trained in the necessary forms of care that provide a happy and healthy environment for our residents to thrive in. We pride ourselves on providing an individualized approach to caring for our residents by maintaining higher staffing ratios that allow us to gear our care and activity plans to the specific needs of each resident. We offer an array of programs that not only enriches our residents’ lives, but exercises their cognitive function to their highest capabilities enabling them to achieve the ultimate quality of life. At Luvida, we understand the importance of family; this is why we have an open-door policy with our residents’ loved ones. We strive to provide an environment that opens the doors to making new memories and making the old ones last. This environment is achieved through our compassionate, caring staff and our passion for the love of life. To know more about the services offered at the assisted living home in Belton, call at (254) 613-4119.
Therapies & Activities: Music Therapy
Music therapy is strongly encouraged for those that are affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Music therapy has been known to promote wellness, manage stress, express feelings, improve communication and enhance memory. We offer therapy through the use of musical instruments and also by taking advantage of the nostalgia of a memorable piece of music.
Therapies & Activities: Child Interaction Therapy
We offer various programs for children to provide entertainment and conversation with our residents. From Boy & Girl Scout troops to singing groups, we integrate area children into the Luvida lifestyle. Our staff members’ are also encouraged to bring their children to the community and interact with our residents so that they will be surrounded by friendly and familiar faces on a regular basis.
Therapies & Activities: Exercise Programs
Regular exercise provides a myriad of health benefits in adults, including the improvement of neurocognitive function. We offer a wide variety of exercise programs and we find the perfect program that is best suited to our residents’ capabilities.
Therapies & Activities: Individual Activities
Although group activities and therapies are strongly encouraged, we offer individualized program stations for those that prefer to take part in a solo project. A member of our staff will cater to the resident’s individualized needs in order to make sure that they are happy with their designated project.
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