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The Handle Wonder Cover™
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I came up with the idea for The Handle Wonder Cover because of my children. You see our storm door is in direct sunlight for the majority of the day. In the summertime the sun is beating down right on our front door. The metal door handle on our storm door is just baking in the sun and would get super hot. My kids seven and five years old are at that age where the want to be independent and help out. When we would get home from school or wherever they would always run out of the car and say daddy Ill get the door. Well the first time my daughter burned her hand on the hot metal storm door handle I knew I had to come up with something. And its not just the kids who have gotten burned. I myself and also my wife have been burned too. Weve all been there. Lugging bags and fumbling for our keys, only to reach for the metal storm door handle thats been baking in the sun all day and get that oh so nice surprise, ouch! The handle is super hot to the touch. Now instead of using your shirt sleeve or the bottom of your t-shirt to grab quickly onto the door handle you can just use The Handle Wonder Cover. Its fits most storm door or screen door handles. Trust me, after I had the first one made (thats been on my door handle for over a year now) I went to a home store and tried it on every storm door and screen door handle they had. And what do you know? Most handles are the same size and dimensions and it fit snugly on every one.
For your home
we have The Handle Wonder Cover for home door handles. And brand NEW for commercial use we now offer The Handle Wonder Covers BIG Brother. 12 inches in length that wraps around your business metal door handle and connects with Velcro strips on the back.
The Handle Wonder Cover™
A soft fabric made of neoprene that slips securely over your existing metal door handle. Slides on easily like a glove for your door handle and protects your metal handle from heating up in the sun. Thus preventing you and your loved ones from burning themselves from a door handle that has been exposed to direct sunlight all day long. Keeps your metal door handle from becoming HOT in the sun. Makes handle easy to grip. Fits most storm door and screen door handles. Easy to slide on and take off.
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