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In addition to having his own: “One Man Show” called: “Salute to the Crooners” where he performs Memorable Crooner Standard Songs popularized by such renowned artists as: Dean Martin, Andy Williams,Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and others, Milton Delgado composed and recorded an Original Inspirational CD entitled: “No Longer Two But One” on his good friend’s label Dick Plotkin (who arranged the music) Debra Records. Milton is also the Original Lead Singer of“The Paramounts” which he formed in 1958; he began singing Doowop when he was 12 years old on the street corners, candy stores,rest rooms, and hallways of The Bronx where he grew-up. In 1959, “The Paramounts” were signed to Carlton Records by virtue of an audition their singer friend, Ralph DeMarco had arranged for them. Ralph’s Manager, Jim Gribble was looking for more groups to represent. They were given the name of “The Paramounts” and recorded two songs entitled: “Trying” and “Girlfriend.” Two other songs were recorded: “Christopher Columbus” & “I Know You’ll Be MyLove” (now collector’s items) but unfortunately were never released. Ralph asked “The Paramounts” to be his back-up singers for a song he was about to record entitled: “Old Shep”-Ralph received partial notoriety and was invited to appear on: American Bandstand. “Old Shep” was recorded on a subsidiary Carlton Label, Guaranteed Records. Old Shep is also Collector’s Item. Jim Gribble also managed: Anita Bryant, “The Passions,” “The Mystics,” “The Fiestas,” and a few other groups and artists who later gained: “Fame & Fortune.” Unfortunately, “ The Paramounts,” due to a Payola Scandal which broke out just when their record had been released, was pulled from the airwaves and consequently prevented them from receiving further airplay. “The Paramounts” members went their separate ways: some moved out state,married or went in to the service. Although having gone through many group members and bands, over the years, Milton persevered; when he moved to Pennsylvania, he put an ad in the local newspaper to start a Doowop Group; he was fortunate enough to find Dick Plotkin, another Doowop Singer who was from the same era as he was; Dick helped find other singers; eventually two other guys were found and the group was re-formed. “The Paramounts” were back in business singing the fabulous oldies but goodies Doowop harmonies from 50s-n-60s! “The Paramounts” mostly perform throughout the North Eastern Pennsylvania Region with occasional jobs in New York and New Jersey;they’re still going strong and sound better than ever!
The New Paramounts (Oldies Doowop Band)
We Perform many of the Fabulous Rock & Roll Doowop Hits from the 50's & 60's era just like the original 45 RPM Records. We have Four Back-up Musicians and Four Doowop Singers in the front. We accept jobs in PA, NY, & NJ. Contact us! "We won't disappoint!"
The Paramounts Live!
This was our opening number to a packed house at The Ramada Inn, Dickson City, Pa. a few years back. The crowd loved us! It was one of our best shows ...if not, Thee Best Ever! Enjoy!
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The New Paramounts
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